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Approach to Therapy

My Approach to Therapy

I believe one of the ultimate goals of therapy is to help you learn to live your life as well and meaningfully as possible, and I believe this is partly through learning to develop utmost responsibility and ownership of your life – when you own your life you are more empowered to have greater potential to live better and have better relationships. Part of developing personal responsibility for your life is also developing a relationship with your own self as strange as that sounds. It can be quite a journey of learning to better understand your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual makeup, to essentially learn how to be accepting, loving, and honest with your own self. As you grow in these areas the better you become at communicating and relating with others. All the above is what I am passionate about in attempting to help you improve upon, and as you do this leads to significant healing, peace, joy, and freedom.

A strong belief of mine is that I believe we all experience varying degrees of codependency. The concept of codependency has various definitions however I believe codependency is one way to describe the human condition.

A particular theory that I work from is called Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance, which is essentially teaching you to learn how to be more mindful of your inner world of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions in order to make sense of the reasons you think and feel as you do that in turn gives you greater potential to make wiser choices in your daily living and take fuller responsibility as well for your life. Mindfulness helps to learn how to detach from the overwhelm of thoughts, memories, and emotions in order to gain a better sense of perspective and understanding – you can discover change when you understand differently.

I am fairly active in therapy. I often comment to individuals that I believe I am like a mirror reflecting back on your process to help you realize and reevaluate your thinking and belief patterns, the choices you may be making and not realizing it, and in general where it seems you may be stuck that may be potentially harmful, and then to help you process what will work best for your situation.

Boundaries as well as several other materials by Dr.’s Henry Cloud and John Townsend serve as foundational for my therapy. I have completed a One Week Intensive training with Dr.’s Henry Cloud and John Townsend. Along with Dr.’s Cloud and Townsend I highly recommend a book entitled Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero, who pastor’s a large church in New York.

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